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Waste Management

CIWEM's Waste Management Panel is one of the six Technical Panels that exist to ensure that the Institution is able to fulfil all aspects of its Royal Charter. 


Recent Activities

The panel assisted in the production of CIWEM's 2013 report Less is More - a lifecycle approach to waste prevention and resource optimisation. This report shows the potential for waste prevention across material lifecycles, from extraction to disposal, in a bid to show that it is not a measure for the end-of-product-life.

The panel's Chair Roy Watkinson was a lead author in the UNEP GEO5 report Waste and Chemicals chapter. The report was launched at Rio+20 in June 2012. The key message is that globally waste in terms of quantity economics and treatment is poorly understood and this needs to be better measured to engender change.

On 16th May 2012, the Waste Management panel chair gave a presentation to the House of Commons library on Energy from Waste to a group of MPs and their assistants. In attendance was the shadow waste Minister Gavin Shuker MP.


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The Panel has provided the technical input for CIWEM Policy Position Statements on:


The panel's focus is UK and European waste policy and legislation, contaminated land, waste minimisation, resource issues, global differences in waste management, waste and energy usage and new technologies. There is a focus on practical solutions based on CIWEM's core expertise in environmental science and engineering. The panel will not address issues such as enforcement, packaging and end of life vehicles at present.

The Panel regularly assists in responding to consultation papers from government departments and provides other bodies with evidence upon request. It develops and provides programmes for conferences and symposia; assists branches in finding speakers for their events; provides papers and articles for publication in CIWEM's Journal and magazine; and arranges meetings or workshops with government organisations, industry and NGOs where relevant.

silco.gifSeveral of the Panel members are involved with different forums and initiatives, such as Specialists in Land Condition (SiLC) andthe Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment and Award Scheme (CEEQUAL). The Panel meets three times per year at CIWEM's London offices and members are active between times and in contact via email.

If you are interested in joining the Panel and are happy to devote some time to the work of the Institution in a voluntary capacity, please forward your CV to Alastair Chisholm, Policy Manager.


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Chartered Institution of Water and
Environmental Management (CIWEM)

106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS  
Tel: 020 7831 3110 Fax: 020 7405 4967

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