Meet new Chartered member: Deniz McAndrew

Congratulations to Jacobs senior flood risk consultant Deniz McAndrew MCIWEM C.WEM, who has just been awarded the Chartered Water and Environmental Manager registration.

Below we learn more about McAndrew's career, what CIWEM Chartership means to them and their advice to anyone applying.

Years of experience

Six years in flood risk management


BSc (Hons) - Geography

What's your day to day job role?

My job role is incredibly varied, and no day is the same. The majority of my work is in conjunction with the Environment Agency, delivering flood risk management appraisal projects. I also undertake a strategic role on behalf of the Environment Agency in Herefordshire, to identify the current pipeline of projects and how, as framework delivery partner, we can manage their technical delivery.

On any one day, I could be writing a Flood Risk Assessment, chairing client meetings, be on site looking at potential flood risk management options or reviewing pieces of deliverables. I take great pride in working with our graduates in the Birmingham office, guiding them through the Graduate Development Programme. I firmly believe that it is important that we inspire and help shape the next generation of water and environment professionals.

What inspired you towards a career in this sector?

I have always been curious about our natural environment, something that looking back was nurtured through my childhood in the Scouts. At the weekend and after school, you would find me helping my grandfather with his allotment or on various expeditions. I’ve always been an outdoors person and love being close to nature.

When I reflect on my childhood, it is no surprise that I found myself at the University of Dundee studying geography to continue my love for the outdoors, looking to answer how we can mitigate climate change and leave a better planet for future generations.

What is the most exciting part of your career?

Challenging the accepted. Quite often some of the biggest problems in flood risk management have not yet been solved because we need to think a little bit differently or do something that hasn’t been done before. At Jacobs, I am encouraged to think differently and drive forward innovation.

I am very excited to be involved in an active innovation project here at Jacobs designed to work with natural flood management.

What is the greatest challenge the sector is facing?

Without a doubt it is climate change. Our changing environment is putting additional pressure on our natural resources, while exacerbating water levels and challenging industry professionals to adopt new approaches to managing flood risk.

It is an extremely exciting time to be working in the water and environment sector; we have a great opportunity over the next two to three years to better manage our resources and engage in new technologies that will help us adapt and live with climate change.

Why did you apply for Chartership and how will it support you in your career?

On a personal level, as a first generation academic, membership was something that I knew I would take great personal pride in. I’ve achieved something that I did not think was possible.

I’ve been surrounded by positive mentors and friends in the industry with each and every one of them having a role to play in encouraging my route to chartership. Having joined CIWEM as a Graduate Member straight out of University, obtaining Chartered status was a natural next step for me. I knew I wanted to take my support for the organisation to the next level and inspire the next generation of applicants.

What advice would you give to someone considering starting out on the application process for Chartered member?

It is never too early to familiarise yourself with the CIWEM chartership process, starting your career with membership in mind is always a positive!

I would highly recommend identifying who your CIWEM mentors could be and engaging with them as soon as possible. They will pick up on things that you did not consider and ensure that your application is as strong as it can be.

Finally, joining your local CIWEM branch and getting involved is a fantastic way to broaden your professional network. You never know what doors may open for you on your CIWEM journey; I’ve been lucky to have many additional opportunities as a result of engaging with my local CIWEM East Midlands branch.

To learn more about all CIWEM membership grades, including chartership, visit our dedicated membership page.

The next application deadline is 09 June 2022. Here you can find the rest of our 2022 application deadlines.

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