Changes to CIWEM Payment Gateway for 3D Secure

In order for CIWEM to handle the increased security regarding online card transactions, we are updating our payment screens.

The new security is around '3D Secure' and improves the security of the transaction by having the cardholder enter or respond to additional information that their bank may know about them. This information could be a code sent to their mobile by text message, a phone call with a code to their home number or a password provided to them via an app on a smartphone.

'3D Secure' is purely for cardholders to validate the transaction they are performing at that time by themselves.

If you are calling CIWEM over the phone to make a transaction, 3D Secure will not be used.

Important: At no point should any '3D Secure' information be presented over a telephone ( be it to CIWEM or any other company). CIWEM staff will not ask for it and it should not be volunteered.

Below are the new screens that are likely to be seen when completing a transaction once the changes are complete.

Please ensure your billing address is up to date and matches the registered card address. If paying with a company card, make sure the company card registered address is the primary billing address on your account.

If you get stuck please call us on +44 (0)20 7831 3110, and ask to speak to our membership team.

This is the typical basket screen, with the 'Proceed to Checkout' button.

This shows the order details, note the payment company is now SagePay.

Click on the button ' Pay With Sagepay'

This is where you select the card type

Confirm the details are correct.

At this screen you may be asked to enter further validation information. After which click on the Submit button,

After a successful transaction you will be returned to the order confirmation page and will receive an email confirmation of the transaction.